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2. MKSensation Digital Piano Library for Kontakt 5 FREE Player
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4. Neo-Soul Keys® 5X Ultimate for UVI :: Includes BONUS Beats
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1GB FLASH Board for Yamaha Motif XF and MOXF
1GB FLASH Board for Yamaha Motif XF and MOXF 
Flash RAM allows you the ability to load in brand new samples and sounds while keeping the sounds stored in memory after you turn your keyboard off and back on. With the Yamaha Motif ES, and XS, when you turn off the keyboard, you loose your sounds and have to re-load. Consequently, the Yamaha MOX, MO, and MM series keyboards don’t offer the ability to load in new samples. This is why we get a lot of users wanting new sounds such as the MKSensation, the AS Pianos, or the Neo-Soul Keys, but are not able to. This is because those keyboards don’t offer the ability to load in new waveforms; as a result, you are stuck with the stock waveforms and have to make due with the existing samples and waveform data already in the board. This is not the case for the new Yamaha MOXF. You can load in new waveforms and data as if you had a totally brand new keyboard and with our current version of Jamal’s Flash, that is exactly what you get. You get Jamal’s favorite sounds and samples inside of your MOXF. It’s like having a keyboard within a keyboard ad best of all the sounds stay there even after you turn off the keyboard.

Once your purchase the RAM, you only have to purchase it once. It’s not like they are pre-set waveform expansion cards that have fixed sounds in them. You can always load in, delete, and mix and match samples and sounds as you please. This is why we highly recommend getting the 1GB module. Let’s say you purchase the 512MB Flash module and you want to load more sounds. You now have to remove the 512MB and purchase the 1GB. Now you have an unusable 512MB if you have the MOXF. The Motif XF allows you to store 2 memory modules and the way we are making sounds for the Motif, you are going to need to max out the possibilities of your sound palette with AS MUCH RAM AS YOU CAN AFFORD!


Quantity in stock 2 item(s) available
Weight 1.00 lbs
Internet Access N/A
File Size 1GB
Software N/A
Requirements Yamaha Motif XF, MOXF
Skill Level Sound Synthesis and MIDI
Compatible With Yamaha Motif XF/MOXF Only
WARNING Must Purchase Sounds AND 1GB Flash Board (512MB Flash Won't Work!)
Price: $299.99

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