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Learn Neo-Soul, R&B, and Gospel Chords for Urban Styles

Learn Neo-Soul, Gospel, R&B, and Urban Chords

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Phatness Gumbo

Urban Phatness Gumbo is just what it sounds like. It’s combination of different urban phat movements that will just give you an extra dose of chords and progressions. This project is for those of you who say to me: “Jamal, can you just send me some phat chords to practice.“ I know exactly what you mean. Sometime I just want some phat chords to add to my playing. Because many of you don’t have other musicians to shed with, this Phatness Gumbo is just what you need to get you out of the slump of playing the same ol’ chords you’ve been playing.

These movements are a part of my personal secret stash of chords. These are the chords that give me my sound and character. But remember: The actual movement is not the important part. What I teach you on this DVD is the how, what, where, when, and why! These movements are only templates so that I can take my time teaching you the secrets of the chords, and why it sounds the way it does. More importantly, I teach you how to form your own chords with feel and “flava."

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