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Pure Synth® Platinum Version 1.1 | Rompler and Synth for UVI
Pure Synth® Platinum Version 1.1 | Rompler and Synth  for UVI 
Pure Heat:
Epic Trap:
Urban Pop:
Have you ever wondered why you could never find a software synthesizer that is as good sounding and flexible as the hardware synthesizer/keyboards such as a Motif, Fantom, or Kronos? Have you ever wished you could just pull up an array of patches and sounds just like you would with your hardware keyboard or synth? Remember the old days when a synth or keyboard had a ton of sounds that did not sound super realistic, but had a ton of character, expressiveness, and was just down right fun to play? Well, this is what Pure Synth Platinum is!

Pure Synth Platinum (PSP) is a software based rompler AND synthesis library that has all of the bread-and-butter samples of a traditional hardware keyboard, combined with all of the synthesis techniques available in the most complex of digital and analog synthesizers. That is the concept of PSP: We give you the "pure waveforms" in which to create any sound imaginable, rather than just giving you rompler style/static, samples that you cannot tweak much. Worst of all, if you ever want new inspiration and new sounds, you have to keep buying a ton of expansion packs with more samples, when you'd rather create your own unique custom sounds with the software you already have. But what if you are not a synth programmer? That is fine! We have professional synth programmers from around the world ready and willing to program new patches, so that you don't have to do all of the work.

Pure Synth is not a static sample player; rather, it is a highly sophisticated synthesizer representing a sundry of synthesis techniques such as:
  1. Samples - Sophisticated high-quality disk streaming samples of the raw waveforms so that you can tweak and create your own sounds.
  2. Analog synthesizer with Synth-Width-Modulation, and hard sync capabilities
  3. Wavetable Synthesis with over 1,6000 wavetables of some of the most revered analog and digital synthesizers as well as custom wavetables from Adventure Kid's mega library of wavetables
  4. FM Synthesizer with over 6 different operators
  5. Transient/Drum Synth for attack sounds and analog drum sounds
  6. Sub Oscillator with Synth-Width-Modulation
  7. Noise Generator with over 6 different noise oscillators with varying options
  8. SuperWave - An 8-oscillator super stacked waveform with detuning and the ability to mix waveforms.

There is a new synth in town and it comes with 95% of all of the available synthesis techniques available in MachFive 3, along with the ability to create any sound you want. Now your software VST is finally catching up to your hardware.

Tech Specs:

  • 5GB Sample RAM (44kHz/24-bit)
  • Over 290 Sample Waveforms (9,500 Samples)
  • 1,700 Wavetables (Curtesy of Adventure Kid and UVI)
  • 6-Synthesis types
  • 4-Oscillators per patch
  • 8-Filters and 8 LFOs (2-Filters and 2-LFO's per Oscillator)
  • Dedicated master section per oscillator
  • Dedicated reverb unit per oscillator
  • 20 Multi-Effects unit per oscillator


Quantity in stock Coming Soon!
Internet Access High Speed Required! >6MB/s
File Size 4.33GB (Version 1.02)
Software UVI Workstation Newest Version ONLY
Policy NON REFUNDABLE/Downloadable Only
Requirements Windows 7 and Higher; OSX 10.6.8 and Higher
Skill Level Not a Novice to Computer and Music Technology
Compatible With Logic 9/X, GB, ProTools, DP, Ableton, FL Studio, Studio One, Cubase, Sonar
Authorization Authorize to 3 Machines - No iLok Dongle Required
Price: $99.99

Product Options:
Download Size
Download Time @ 1.8mbs [Change Connection Speed]
Quantity Out of stock


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